Video Wall Integration.

digital signage video wall

The video wall system allows you to join multiple screens thus focusing attention on a single image of excellent resolution and high definition.
A video wall solution is much more than simply supplying equipment in its boxes. The design involves several factors:
Object: The specification of the frame. There are thick, thin and ultra thin frames, for example for a control center. Irregular architectural applications are also an alternative today.
Resolution: The larger the size, the lower the total resolution unless you use processing equipment that increases this parameter.

Keep It Simple

Location: This defines characteristics such as size and brightness among other things.
Structure: There are special supports for easy maintenance and configuration. In other words make a low cost of ownership.
Connectivity: Depends on the number of inputs or sources and how they should be displayed in the videowall. Selectors, Distributors, Matrices or IP solutions are options available and are related to a budget. For a control center a solution that integrates desktops and PC applications, direct digital inputs such as TV signals, IP cameras, VNC inputs, is available.
Operation: Automate a Wall video to be operable in a friendly way through any device: Tablet, cellular, PC in different operating systems.