Digital Signage Totems

Digital Signage Totem

Transform the way you share information with others. Display important content with Digital Signage Totems. But what are Digital Signage Totems, which are their types and what benefits they have?

Let’s answer all the questions below:

What are Digital Signage Totems?

A Digital Signage Totem is a multimedia free standing digital advertising system with a single-sided display and a built in media player. Totems can support image, slideshows and videos, giving your business messages with modern appearance and helping them stand out.

Types of Totems

  • Indoor Totems – they are usually slim and they are used in indoor public places, such as hotel, malls, shops, etc. places.
  • Outdoor Totems – they are used in outdoor public places, such as front of hotels, malls, shops etc. places. They are resistant in different weather conditions, for example, direct sunlight, rain, and snow. Furthermore, they are also built very robustly to protect them from vandalism.

Benefits of Digital Signage Totems

Self-service terminal

Consumers can easily find a product or an information by themselves without loosing time.

Remote Administrative Access

Content is controlled, updated and maintained remotely using a computer software.
This kind of software can manage the creation and modification of digital content (content management system – CMS).

Multiple Use

Businesses can use mobile digital totems for different events. Totems are cost-effective in the long term, because they have longer life and use.

Durable Content

Advertising posters are exposed to the danger of being destroyed by vandalism and weather conditions.
On the other side, Digital Signage Totems have long lasting content, because they are designed to be secured against vandalism and weather conditions.

Public Image

Digital Signage Totems are modern and create a contemporary image, since well illuminated displays cannot be overlooked.
Moreover, any kind of message is able to be communicated and displayed animated in a perfect quality at any time of the day.

Target Advertising

Scheduled information can be played based on time for different audiences. Spontaneous messages are also possible.
There is nothing standing in the way of individualized advertising.


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