Digital Signage 2022 Top Trends

Digital Signage -Trends-2022

While technology progressing day by day, digital signage continues to expand and specific trends have developed. Experts are excited about what’s to come in 2022 and beyond.

Restaurants, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, and retail businesses are all in growth mode and will continue in and beyond 2022. Some of the digital signage 2022 top trends are the below:

Video Walls & Visual explosions

Visual explosions are highly eye-catching graphics or visuals, more dynamic and eye-catching different kinds of content. They are useful for branding and attention.

Donor Walls & Digital Hall-of-Fame

Instead of a plaque on a crowded wall, you can use digital signage donor walls or a hall of fame that can be updated immediately and give star students, staff, donors, etc. the recognition they deserve.

Social Media Walls

A social media wall is a great way to take the amazing content your community creates and truly let it shine on a real-life screen.

Voice and Gesture-enabled Digital Signage

Harmonious, voice, and gesture-based triggers will take digital signage to the next level of intelligence and create an amazing customer experience.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage proved to be a life saver for many businesses.

Ultra Large Screens

The 52 inch and above screen sizes are expected growth from 2021-2026.

Electronic Shelf Labels(ESL)

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are on the rise in retail and are also expected growth on 2022.


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