Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) – Digital Price Tags

Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL):  a system used by retailers to show product prices in stores. Product prices are updated whenever the price is changed in a central management system.

Below are some of the benefits of using digital price tags in your business:

Control Over Content

You have complete control over your price tag and the information it displays.
The main difference lies in the fact that ESLs are designed to interact with the user, therefore, not only show a correct price but also be able to optimize, accelerate and streamline operations in the store.
ESL also saves you a lot of money by erasing the cost of printing old-fashioned price tags that are frequently outdated in a matter of weeks or less.

Dynamic content delivery

Electronic labels allow automatic and remote incorporation and updating of product prices in your store, eliminating the costly operational inefficiencies that come with the control and replacement of traditional paper labels.
This way, ESL digital price tags  keeps up with you and your growing business.

Better and accurate price update

The price change is done from the store database, using a wireless system. ESL labels increase customer confidence, since they guarantee the homogeneity and updating of prices, at the same time that they give your business an avant-garde image, elegance and reliability.

Stand Out

Digital Price Tags can make your business stand out from the crowd.
ESL is changing the way that retailers connect with their customers, and if you want to improve customer experience / engagement, promote your brand and increase sales, make the switch to ESL.

Electronic Shelf Labels

As a Technology Solutions Provider and distribution partner for SoluM ESL, the World’s leading manufacturer of digital price tags &  electronic shelf labels, Fidelity Technology Solutions brings the latest technology in retail pricing solutions to the forefront of Cyprus retailers, large and small.

Electronic shelf labels provide a centralized, integrated solution that enhance your business workflows and operations. Retailers worldwide are transforming the shopping experience with electronic shelf labels and engaging with customers at the shelf edge, where purchasing decisions are made.

Introducing SoluM Newton Electronic Shelf Labels:

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