The 5 Elements of Digital Signage

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What are the components of a Digital Signage Solutions? In this blog we are going to discuss the five components that we need to complete a digital signage solution. More specifically, we will look at a cloud based digital signage solution that allows us to remotely manage displays and content.

1. Digital Displays

Displays are the most obvious need when it comes to implement a digital signage solution. Anything with an HDMI port will work. The most popular choice is the TV screens.

2. Digital Signage Player

A digital signage player is a media player that connects to a digital display and delivers content to it. But, if you have an android TV or a Digital Signage ready TV you don’t need a media player at all!

3. Content

The most exciting component of a digital signage solution is the content. It is what you show on the displays and can take many different forms.
You can show images, interactive content like social media feeds and weather.
Your digital signage company can provide you with the tools to display the content.

4. Content Management System

A digital signage Content Management System is a platform for managing and configuring content. Using a cloud-based digital signage solution your can access your online dashboard from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet (Remote Content Management).

5. User

The final element of a complete digital signage solution is the user. You are the user and responsible to provide the messaging, management and customization. You are the one who will make it work for your business.

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