Digital Signage for Business


A few years ago digital signage was really expensive and complicated. Today that is very different and in fact if you aren’t using digital signage, you’re lagging behind your competition and missing potential customers.

The benefits of digital signage are many, but here are just a few.

Ability to visualize and present a wider range of products and services, by using digital menu boards and day parting you are able to promote specific products at specific times.

Simple cloud-based Content Management System provides complete control and flexibility across an entire network of screens.

Impressive and dynamic content will engage more customers at the point of sale, making the atmosphere more lively or unique and powerfully influencing buying decisions.

Interact with customers in waiting areas to communicate messages to your customers. It can also be used as a medium for your employees e.g. internal communications, meeting rooms.

Showcase previous work, allow prospective clients to view completed projects. By displaying projects you have worked on for others will help promote your brand and reinforce trust in your services.

Money saving as there will be no ongoing costly printing, delivery or installation not to mention time saving as the content can be deployed across your network within minutes.

With the option of generating additional money from third party advertisers e.g. shopping centres, hotels, health centres, etc your digital signage network can generate another revenue stream of income.

By incorporating Twitter feeds, weather updates, blog posts and real time rss news feeds your digital signage will provide update to date information and draw attention at the same time to your content.

The flexibility that digital signage provides businesses is endless.