Benefits of Digital Signage for Clinics:

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The most rewarding digital signage solution is the one that makes a difference. If you’ve ever been to a hospital that’s digital signage savvy, then you’ll know the great affect a stellar signage system can have

We have put together a list of 7 possible reasons why it is a good idea to use digital signage to earn a competitive advantage.

  1. Digital waiting times. Visit a hospital with a digital board displaying waiting time and it already removes the anxiety that comes with not knowing how long you may be sitting there, putting the patient back in control. This also frees up areas, as patients can wait in a ‘holding area’, a cafe or onsite restaurant up until minutes before their appointment. This is a much nicer experience than sitting for hours staring at the same wall chart, yet doesn’t require any man-power to organize.
  2. Way finding directories. As Clinics usually have many buildings, rooms and lots of passage secret ways, that it can be difficult even for doctors to get to where they need to be on time. Way finding through digital screens allows people to find their directions much faster, helping to reduce confusion and save time wasted on late appointments.
  3. Patient room signage. Signage within patient rooms helps eradicate the endless boredom of most hospital environments. This could include games, TV channels and film rental, then a dashboard of useful information, updates on the status of the doctor, healthcare tips and more useful information that the patient would be interested to see.
  4. Providing education. Nothing is more important that health. Digital signage solution could be used to provide useful, entertaining or educational material of interest to patients and visitors. For example, a short video that takes immobile patients through some of the exercises they can do from their chair or a recap of the choices available to them throughout their care.
  5. Promote Offerings. Inform your guests about package deals, specials offers and promotions. Modify this content to keep it fresh and attractive.
  6. Answer Relevant Questions. Help guests in finding answers to their frequently asked questions. Use the digital screens inside their rooms or outside in the waiting room to provide information to their queries such as food hour schedules, surgery fees and other services.
  7. Make good impression & improve business image. Whether guests are waiting in the lobby or wandering in the clinic building, digital signage will present the clinic in a professional manner giving confidence to their patients.

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