Yeastar Workplace 10.1″ Room Display with NFC/LoRa DS7510


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Room Display DS7510 is a digital signage collaborating with Yeastar Meeting Room Booking. System to display meeting room availability in real-time using traffic light LED indicators.Tap the screen to reserve, check in, extend, and end meetings on the spot. In case of an impromptu team huddle, just tap to start the meeting, and the

room status will change accordingly with LED lights switching from green to red, preventing interrupted meetings and double bookings. Add your company’s logo, set up background picture, and customize the LED light colors to make it fit your office ambience.

  • Managed and monitored remotely by the Yeastar Workplace platform
  • Customize any 3 colors to signal meeting room status
  • Sync with the System to display the latest meeting schedules
  • 10.1” LCD touch screen allows you tostart anad-hoc meeting, check in, extend, andendmeetings with just a few taps
  • Authenticate user identity via QRcode
  • Built-in LoRaWAN® Gateway moduleworkswithYeastar People Counting Sensor andRoomComfort Sensor to display headcount,  roomtemperature, humidity, CO2, and TVOCinreal-time 
  • Significantly saves energy: built-in ambient light sensor and proximity sensor automaticallyadjust the screen’s brightness according to external lightconditions and turn off the screen whennooneisdetected nearby*
  • Embedded NFC for ID Identification &contactlessmeeting check-ins
  • Plug-and-play PoE or DC power
  • Provides easy installation and flexible mounting options


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