Yealink VCM36-W Wireless Microphone for UVC/MeetingBar


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VCM36-W is a wireless video conferencing microphone newly designed by Yealink. Due to its built-in 3-micropphone array and Yealink self-developed algorithm, VCM36-W owns a 6m and 360 degrees voice pickup range, providing high audio quality in full-duplex calls. VCM36-W adopts wireless transmission design, and you can use it wirelessly by pairing only once, which avoids the tedious deployment process. The wireless double-encrypted can protect everything you say. VCM36-W uses a wireless transmission design, high-quality echo cancellation technology and Yealink Noise Proof Technology, which can effectively filter out environmental noise within 90 decibels to maintaining crystal clear audio. Its high-quality sound pickup technology and large-scale conference room coverage enable you to achieve a full-scale high-fidelity audio experience in a broad space, allowing you to keep track of the status of each conference venue and control the conference more easily.

VCM36-W can work with VCS system or Yealink UVC camera, under different meeting room scenes to reduce installation costs.

  • Optimal HD Voice
  • Full-Duplex technology
  • 20-feet (6-meter) 360 degrees  voice pickup
  • Capacitive mute touchpad
  • WiFi Technology (WPA2/AES128 Encryption)
  • Compatible with UVC84/UVC86 and Meeting bars

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