Sony FW-43BZ35F 43″ BRAVIA 4K HDR Professional Display

This slim, energy-efficient FW-43BZ35F BRAVIA professional display combines bright, beautiful 4K HDR image quality with easy operation, flexible networking/control and extensive integration options.


Optimised for professional use: The display meets the needs of a wide range of business applications, with flexible installation options plus wired and wireless network connection and serial communication control.

Versatile remote control: Control BRAVIA remotely – including on/off, input signal select and adjust volume – over IP via RJ45 by web API or via RS-232C.

Quick set-up with Pro Mode: Customise and store display settings and features, then copy them easily to multiple displays via USB flash memory.

One-step setting optimised for signage and meeting rooms: This tool instantly completes the necessary settings to optimise the signage or meeting room used.

In-built software platform: Powerful processing capabilities broaden control/customisation options and reduces total ownership costs.

Easily create digital signage: Integrated support for HTML5 makes it easy to produce compelling digital signage, with no extra hardware or prior training needed. Combine graphics, text, 4K video and live web content to create attractive signage in minutes.

Open API support: Compatibility with a wide range of web APIs broadens options for remote control/monitoring and integration with external systems.

4K image resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels): 4K offers four times the detail of Full HD, with a resolution of over 8 million pixels bringing extra clarity to corporate display, education and digital signage applications.

Clearer, more natural 4K images: Images are clearer, smoother and more natural with Sony’s 4K X-Reality™ PRO picture processing technology.

Very high brightness and contrast, ideal for HDR: The high brightness, high contrast panel outshines other displays. It’s ideal for presenting 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, revealing subtle detail in the brightest highlights and areas of dark shadow.

Smooth, fluid on-screen action: Motionflow XR 960 ensures smoother, more natural reproduction of rapidly-moving images on screen.

3 Year Advanced Exchange support bundle service: Stay up and running with our enhanced support service cover. If there’s a problem with your professional display, we’ll offer a free replacement rather than repairing your existing unit.


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