Interactive E-board – Samsung Flip 2 (WM55R)

Samsung Flip 2 (WM55R / LH55WMRWBGCX/EN) is an intuitive and easy to use digital flipchart, for any meeting environment. In 2019, the latest in the Flip line-up has been added to Samsung’s portfolio, offering greater collaboration capabilities in an easy UI. An advanced digital experience provides a host of new features, including brush mode, annotation on, merge to roll, and other collaboration tools. The Flip allows teams to work smarter, faster and better.


Revitalize Productive Collaboration through Refined Interactive E-board Technology

  • Draw, write & inspire new ideas with a smooth and familiar passive pen
  • Create a masterpiece on brush mode
  • Write on any background on any background source
  • Flexible image editing with selection tool and merge to roll


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