Digital Signage Remote Management

Digital Signage Remote Management

Digital signage is the use of digital content transmitted through LCD monitors, plasma or LED displays.

Our Digital Signage solutions offer you great functionality and remote management through the latest cloud based technology. Every day, digital signage replaces more traditional posters to improve the quality of business by presenting important information dynamically, promoting products and services and even facilitating interaction with content. In addition to dynamically displaying content, digital signage also allows you to create a network of audiovisual systems with programmed scheduling of your information. The use of these systems requires a combination of hardware, special playback software and a content manager, in addition to an Internet connection or other technology that allows you to operate it remotely.

Design, Integration, Assembly

Thanks to the channel’s self-management, you can upload and download content, whenever you want, wherever you want and whatever you want, as long as the player is connected to the internet there no one can stop you. Create promotions, congratulate a partner for his birthday, report on achievements, benefits, news of importance to the organization, it was never easier to stay connected with your work team and or clients.